Local residents and councillors in a north shore community have been cleaning up their local area.

The Claremont community and environment group, which is comprised of ward councillors, residents and representatives of various agencies working in the local area held a skip amnesty last week to give the place a spruce up.

A household rubbish amnesty took place on the 28th February across Claremont ward.  This was a first for the Claremont ward and was very welcomed by the residents.

A skip was available for residents to use and residents could also pre book rubbish collection appointments for the 4 hours of the amnesty.  A massive total amount of 6.5 tons of rubbish was collected with additionally 1.14 tons of recyclable household items collected by the rover service.  The amnesty was funded by contributions from Blackpool Council’s transience project and Great Places Housing Group.

Claremont has like other areas of the town been affected by fly tipping, and rubbish dumping in alleys.

Cllr Lynn Williams, Chair of the Claremont community and environment group said: “The rubbish amnesty was never by itself going to resolve the rubbish and littering issues across Claremont – but we wanted it to raise awareness and encourage a more responsible attitude to rubbish disposal.

“We have a number of other initiatives planned to deal with this problem which has a massive impact upon the area and people’s lives.  Most importantly, if people allow rubbish to accumulate and just leave it in the front of their properties or at the back or, dump it in the street or alleys,  the council housing enforcement team will take action people will be given notice to remove and failure to do so will result in fines and prosecutions if necessary.”

Cllr Williams on behalf of the community group wanted to thank all those who supported, helped and took part, particularly the volunteers from Claremont first steps centre who worked incredibly hard both before and on the day, and also Great Places Housing Group, the transience programme and the Council’s housing enforcement team.

The group will be organising another ward rubbish amnesty later in the year.